Enhance travel comfort with new features

Hard Carry Suitcase continues to evolve. The new Adjustable Handle Hard Carry Suitcase features a major change on the wheel design, from single wheel to double wheels, provides a smoother and more stable movement while rolling. The use of highly sound-absorbent materials helps reduce the noise while using in the morning or over cobblestone streets.

The capacity of suitcases also increased by 2-litre for each size that provides more storage space. With the new design of wheels, the stopper is also modified to a higher position, which can be operated without stooping. A 19-litre carry suitcase for shorter trips is also available.

  • A. Stop
    Stopper dial replaced with switch that’s easy to reach without bending over.

  • B. Adjustable height
    Handle is adjustable at every 1 cm for different height and rolling styles.

  • C. Smooth moving
    Double wheels design made from highly sound-absorbent materials.

  • D. Scratch-resistant Material
    Surface features fine material with concave-convex textures, which prevent scratches effectively and keep scratches unnoticeable.

  • E. Security
    TSA luggage lock makes it easy for travelling in the US and Canada.

  • F. Storage
    Handle and Stopper feature flat design that is easy for storage. The smaller suitcases can be stored inside the larger ones. (Up to a 62-litre suitcase can fit inside the 104-litre; up to a 35-litre suitcase can fit inside the 87-litre.)

Capacity Suitable for days Size
19L* 1-2 days 45.5×32×20.5cm 2.9kg
35L* 2-3 days 54×37×23.5cm 3.5kg
62L 5-6 days 70×45×24.5cm 4.9kg
87L 7-8 days 75×48.5×28.5cm 5.6kg
104L 9-10 days 77×52×29cm 6.2kg

*Cabin Baggage Permitted (100 seats or more)


Available Colours for Selection

  • Beige

  • Navy

  • Black

  • Red

  • Aqua Blue

  • Light Gray

  • Light Blue
    (Available for 19L)

  • Light Pink
    (Available for 19L)

  • Ivory
    (Available for 19L)

Aluminium Hard Carry Suitcase

Capacity Suitable for days Size
35L* 2-3 days 55×37×23cm 4.6kg
60L 5-6 days 71×45×24cm 6kg

*Cabin Baggage Permitted (100 seats or more)

Other Portable Items


  • Gusset Case

    Organise travel items like clothes and towels conveniently. Colours and sizes have been created to coordinate with MUJI suitcases.

  • Hanging Pouch

    Provide portable storage for 200ml toner, cosmetics and other skincare items. Made from the same polyester material as the MUJI passport holder, it is tough enough to be hung on a towel bar.

  • Paraglider Cloth Foldable Bag

    Tote bag size fits neatly on top of suitcase or folded into a pocket size as a handy extra tote when needed during travel.

  • Neck Cushion

    Packed with beads encased in stretchy material, it contours to the movements of your head and neck and provides support. It can be used for air travel and long trip.

  • Phone Charger

    Rechargeable battery can be charged using the USB port. It fully charges a smartphone on a single charge in most normal conditions. Use thin lithium ion battery in size similar to a smartphone.

  • Hair Dryer

    Designed in compact size while produce heat at approximately 110°C. It can be used continuously without manually holding the switch and is designed for easy use even for long hair.

  • Paraglider Cloth Foldable Shoes Case

    The cases make the most of suitcase space, which shoes can be stored separately. It provides shoes protection in lightweight and portable features that facilitate the exchange of leather shoes and sneakers during journey.

  • Sneakers

    With ergonomic insole, it provides support to the arch and the bottom of sole. The durable thick outsole ensures walking comfort. With water-repellent finishing, it helps prevent water-based stains.

  • Backpack

    With wide opening, the bag is easy access. Design with inside pocket for laptop storage, which is ideal for business travel. With water-repellent finishing, it copes with the unexpected weather change.

  • Colour Pens and Sketch Book

    Recycled Paper Sketch Book use recycled paperboard that made of old paper as the cover, which personalized cover can be drawn. With compact colour pens, it is ideal for children to draw creative scenery on-the-go.

  • Tag Tool

    Feature a total of 10 functions including alarm clock, pedometer, LED light, security buzzer, or thermometer, etc. It can be placed in a special silicon case for easy portability.

  • Light Meal

    The freeze-dried meal can be prepared simply by adding hot water that can be hand-carried into the cabin. With a wide range of flavours such as cheese risotto, it is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking.

Foldable Soft Carry Suitcase


High Capacity Compact Storage

A suitcase designed for storage with limited space. The inside panels can be uplifted and folded into half size in thickness. It can be kept inside a closet or under the bed to save space. The S size (36L) suitcase is suitable for using as cabin baggage; it also can be stored inside an L size (63L) suitcase.

Capacity Suitable for days Size
36L* 2-3 days 54×36.5×24cm 3.2kg
63L 5-6 days 67.5×44×26cm 3.8kg

*Cabin Baggage Permitted (100 seats or more)

  • Convenient pockets have been designed a standing position

    The upper zipper bag can be opened widely. Pens and accessories can be kept separately in different compartments.

  • A pocket for newspaper and magazines

    It is convenient to take out and put back with the big pocket.

  • Co-ordination with Travel Carry-on Bags

    Travel Carry-on Tote Bags and Boston Bags made with the same material are available.

  • Handle can be flattened out for storage

    The handle can be kept inside the zipper pocket when not in use.

  • Compact size for easy storage

    Raise the inside panel to reduce half of its thickness when not in use.

  • Case-in-case storage

    The S size suitcase can be put inside the L size.

Travel Carry-on Bags

Bottom of the Tote Bag can be expanded according to the volume of stuff need, whereas height of the Boston Bag can also be increased for bigger capacity. Each of them can be attached on the handle of suitcase. The bags are made with the same water-repellent material as the Soft Carry Suitcase.

Expandable Tote Bag fits into S size of Soft Carry Suitcase, while Expandable Boston Bag fits into the L size.