A Pleasant Living
Starts with Organising Well and Cleaning Well

Under the new way of working and living, the time at home has been increased. By organising well and maintaining a neat home environment, you can make your stay-home time more comfortable. As the New Year approaches, it is time to review the past living habits, think about your ideal lifestyle and the possessions that you truly need. Keep only the necessary items and organise them properly, hence more space can be freed up for daily activities and cleaning, making daily life more convenient and pleasant. MUJI offers versatile, uniform sized Storage Units that can be applied and combined freely according to different storage needs, and practical Cleaning Tools that helps keeping different parts of the home clean, bringing a pleasant home environment and enjoyable stay-home time.

Organise Well

Grouping and keeping household items in storage units of appropriate size, material and design allows you to take what you want immediately, bringing convenience and efficiency to everyday life. It also helps keeping home environment well-arranged, clean and visually appealing. Start a brand new year by organising well and achieve a pleasant living.

  • PP Drawer

    Translucent PP Drawers can keep the interior bright even when piled up, and also allow users to distinguish the items inside at one glance, hence easier to take and use the items or track on the quantity we have. Available in rich selection of sizes and designs ranged from large drawers to desktop sizes, and is compatible to various Storage Unit Accessories to keep daily goods in good orders, making home environment neat and well organised.

    For Clothes and Large Items

    PP Drawers of large sizes are available in 4 size modules, each available in 3 heights from 18cm, 24cm to 30cm, from which you can choose the most suitable one to stack up according to interior space or use under bed or in wardrobe to keep clothes or other large household items.

    PP Clothes Drawer
    L40 x D65 x H18/24/30cm
    HK$120 – HK$180
    PP Wide Drawer
    L55 x D44.5 x H18/24/30cm
    HK$140 – HK$220
    PP Closet Drawer
    L44 x D55 x H18/24/30cm
    HK$120 – HK$180
    PP Drawer
    L34 x D44.5 x H18/24/30cm
    HK$90 – HK$140

    For Documents and Small Items

    PP Drawers equivalent to A4 size are capable for keeping documents, stationery and other small items. Compatible with MUJI Storage Furniture and available in three heights from 9cm, 12cm to 17.5cm and various designs like single or multi-layer and wide or half types to cope with different storage needs.

    PP Drawer
    L26 x D37 x H9/12/17.5cm
    HK$75 – HK$90
    PP Drawer 2 Units
    L26 x D37 x H12/17.5cm
    HK$120 – HK$140
    PP Drawer 3 Layers
    L26 x D37 x H32.5cm
    HK$120 – HK$180
    PP Half Drawer
    L14 x D37 x H12/17.5cm
    HK$75 – HK$85

    For Utilising Narrow Space

    PP Drawers of only 18cm is applicable at narrow space like the entrance, kitchen, bathroom or between furniture to ulitise every bit of space for storage. You may choose between various ready-made Multi-drawers Units with Castor and single layer drawers for free combination.

    PP Single Drawer
    L18 x D40 x H11/21/30.5cm
    HK$65 – HK$120
    PP 3 Drawers Unit with Castor
    L18 x D40 x H83cm
    PP 4 Drawers Unit with Castor
    L18 x D40 x H83cm
    HK$280 – HK$320

    Storage Unit Accessories

    Castor and Wheeled Platform are useful for storing and moving large items. When organising small items, make use of different accessories as partitions and raise storage efficiency.

    Castor for PP Storage
    HK$30 (4pcs)
    PP Wheeled Platform
    Non-woven Fabric Separation Case
    HK$65 – HK$90
    PP Makeup Box / PP Arrangement Box
    HK$10 – HK$40 / HK$6 – HK$15
  • PP File Box

    Not only documents and books, PP File Box is also capable for storing your other daily goods of varying heights and shapes while keeping them orderly and neat. Available in translucent and white-gray, regular style and stand file box style; the former can be stacked with the use of a matching lid to fulfill your different storage needs.

  • Soft PE Storage

    Made of polyethylene material of excellent cold and water resistance, it can be used for keeping food in the refrigerator and washed with water to keep hygiene. Having a soft texture, it is also safe for children and ideal for keeping your children’s toys and stationery.

  • Desktop Storage

    Acrylic Storage
    The high transparency makes the stored items inside clearly visible and easy to access. The standard modular size allows flexible combination of different units to keep your small and scattered items well organised, leaving sufficient free space on the desktop.
    MDF Storage
    Wooden MDF material is sturdy, durable and not easy to bend. The gentle colour tone allows it to blend in your living environment naturally.
    Hard Pulp Storage
    Easy to assemble and foldable for storage when not in use. It is recyclable and therefore friendly to the environment.
  • Other Storage Units

    Stainless Steel Storage
    Durable and sturdy, it is attached with handles for carrying things with ease. It is also stackable when you place the handles inwards.
    Buri Storage
    Hand-woven using Buri material from the Philippines, it embodies the unadorned texture of natural materials. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.
    Rattan Storage
    Woven by hand meticulously, it is light, soft and smooth in texture. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.
    Cotton Linen Polyester Storage
    Comes with a coating to enhance durability, it can be folded when not in use for easy storage. Style with lid is available to keep cleanliness and privacy.

Clean Well

Build regular cleaning habits to maintain a comfortable and tidy home which you and your family enjoy staying at. MUJI Cleaning Tools are simple in design and practical in function. Simply combine a pole with a variety of attachments depending on your cleaning needs to keep your cleaning process stress-free and efficient. Some Cleaning Tools are even self-standing for easy storage at any corner of your home. Place the Cleaning Tools wherever you need and make cleaning a part of your daily life.

Storage Advisory Service

MUJI Interior advisors offer personalised storage solutions according to your lifestyle and actual needs for a space-efficient home and pleasant living. Phone and Online Video Consultation are available now.