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50 tips to stay cool in warm weather

There are ways to skillfully beat the heat.
Let's start with the small things to make daily living comfortable.


Stay cool and fresh in online meetings

This polo shirt is great for online meetings. Pique knitted with durable yet fine two-ply yarn.


Keeps you cool while working from home

We tailored our regular shirts for the sultry summer season. It's made with bumpy seersucker fabric, so it feels fresh and cool. Like our polo shirt, it also makes great work from home wear.


Dries out fast
even when you sweat

Whatever the situations, you will want sweat to dry fast. Especially for hot weather, this shirt will be handy to have, and it dries quickly after washing as well.

Quick Dry UV Protection S/S T-Shirt

Softens with
repeated wear
Cool and breathable

Linen is a lovable fabric as it is durable and long-lasting. The more you wear it over time, the better it fits you. It is fast-drying, breathable, and feels fresh and cool on the skin.

French Linen Straight Ankle Length Pants RM169.00