MUJI Circulator Fan




Low Noise, More Cool Breeze

MUJI Circulator Fan adopts a creative technology and blade design to achieve high-output airflow with low electricity consumption in quiet operation. It balances the room temperature and enhances the overall air circulation in a sultry atmosphere by keeping air flow in motion throughout the room. Various cooling effects can be achieved through different positioning and angle settings of the fan for a quiet and comfortable living space!


Large airflow with little noise

Blades designed with fluid mechanics, the fan can generate large amount of airflow while avoiding air friction which produces noise. It functions with 3 speed settings to keep the room cool with good air circulation.

Fit in various environments

Generate various circulating effects by setting it at different positions and directions. There is a 5 vertical-angle setting which you can adjust flexibly according to different conditions. Its compact and simple design is matchable with any environment.

Fan Speed

Power Consumption


Air Volume




High (3) 25.8 23.7 44
Medium (2) 18.3 17.9 37
Low (1) 7.9 6.5 18

*Listed values are measured in accordance with JIS standards (JIS C 9601)
*Values of noise have been measured in an anechoic room

Usage under different conditions


Facilitate outflow of hot air

Open the room door and position the Circulator Fan to face an open window. The negative pressure helps to circulate hot air out and introduce fresh air in from outdoors.

*Effective at times when the air outside is cooler than indoors.


Use in companion with an air conditioner

When using air conditioner, cool air tends to concentrate towards ground surface. Set the Circulator Fan at a 45 degree angle facing the center of the room, along the corner of the same wall where the air conditioner/cooler is placed. It helps to raise energy efficiency by strengthening air circulation and spreading cool air to every corner of the room.


Use in companion with a heater

When using heater, warm air tends to concentrate towards the ceiling, causing uneven air distribution and energy waste. Set the Circulator Fan diagonally facing the heater and tilting at a 45 degree angle. It helps to raise energy efficiency by strengthening air circulation and balancing the uneven heat in the room.


Improving air circulation

Position the Circulator Fan at the longest linear distance in your room. It utilises the longest airflow distance indoor to maximize ventilation, which lowers humidity and refreshes the air.


For a good night’s sleep

Position the Circulator Fan infront of your bed and set it at an angle parallel to the floor. This allows the air to flow through under the bed and towards the ceiling, which provides a cooling effect while avoiding the wind from blowing directly towards your body.


Product Name

: Circulator Fan ・White  
  (Low Noise ・Large Air Volume Type) 

Availability : All MUJI SG Stores (Except T2)
Size : W 33.1 x D 25.8 x H 37.6 cm
Weight : 4kg
Power : 230V 50Hz
Cord Length : 1.5m
Price : $139