Your Own Cool Breeze

Enjoy efficient cooling with minimum energy input. The low noise emission desk fan simply plugs into any USB port to deliver a cooling breeze wherever you are. It is a perfect fit if you want something that’s quiet and controlled enough to not disturb your colleagues, yet compact enough for your desk. Choose from 2 types to suit your needs; swing and non-swing.

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Swing Type

The fan oscillates up to 80 degree horizontally. You can easily adjust the fan angle up at a 30 degree range, simply by holding down the base and moving the front fan guard forward. Available only in White.

Retail Price: $49

Non-Swing Type

You can easily adjust the fan in a 30 degree range vertically up by holding down the base and moving the front fan guard to the desired angle. Available in 5 colours to choose from as shown below.

Retail Price: $39




Two Blades that Create Low Noise

It is a compact desk fan which adopts double inverted blades that firmly release air with low noise.



Two Stage Air Volume Switching Function

You can adjust the strength of wind easily.

  • 0 = Off
  • 1 = Low Air Flow
  • 2 = High Air Flow
USB Driven

Sturdy, Compact and Power-saving

Enforced with silicone rubber cushion at the bottom of fan to ensure stability. It is driven by USB power and small in design that does not get in the way. Use it whenever and wherever desired.