MUJI Plaza Singapura Flagship Store Opening


MUJI Plaza Singapura Flagship Store 

Opens Friday 21 July 2017


This 21st July, MUJI will open its first flagship store at Plaza Singapura! More than just a retail space, MUJI at Plaza Singapura will reveal new original concepts adapted from its parent company Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. The largest MUJI retail outlet in Singapore will serve as a community ground for people from all walks of life to come together, explore design and arts ideas, and experience various learning anchors. It will be based largely on locality, a store that acts as a window to the world, while keeping to the basic concept of MUJI. 

 MUJI Plaza Singapura will also house new merchandise line from series such as Found MUJI, IDÉE and MUJI Labo all of which focuses on origins, ideas and style. The unique store which will feature never before seen design elements will also be home to the third Café&Meal MUJI which can seat 70 diners! 

Plaza Singapura | 68 Orchard Road #01-10 to 17 Singapore 238839





MUJI Labo began in 2005 at Japan as a special project to explore basic concepts in apparel from a free and creative approach. What MUJI Labo learns through product development eventually becomes standard apparel in MUJI stores, reflecting practical design and conscientious materials (organic cotton, etc) that consider both the producer and the environment. The style prides itself in comfort, function, and free from superfluous decoration.




Idee Pool


Introducing IDÉE line of merchandize. Based on the theme of “Life is about everyday”, IDÉE supports customers with sophisticated household items to pursue a quality lifestyle with fruitful colours and personality (Laugh & Luxe).

Starting from original furniture collaboration with worldwide up-and-coming designers, to interior accessories, greens, arts, music and café… IDÉE is not only a manufacturer but it also operates IDÉE shop to demonstrate its global vision, bringing lifestyle inspiration to customers.


Although we avoid waste when using produced materials, fabric scraps and wood remnants is an inevitable result of manufacturing. Some products become unsellable due to blemishes or soiling that occurs during transport.

With the POOL Project, we collect/pool these odds and ends and connect with various companies and creators to reproduce/loop these as products with new value. (Reading “POOL” from the reverse is “LOOP”.)






From 2003, ‘Found MUJI’ started its journey with a keen eye for good products, exploring the underlying values of the makers, retaining the essence of their creations, and re‐tailoring them into MUJI goods that fit the modern way of life.


Innovations of MUJI are not simply a process of creation, they are a review of living by “Searching and Finding”.  Searching throughout the world for durable and long‐lasting daily necessities, MUJI refines found items to suit our changing lifestyles, cultures and customs, reproducing them at reasonable prices while retaining the original essence.


July Feature: ‘Textiles of India 2’

In July, Found MUJI will introduce products made from traditional India handcraftsmanship, rich in its culture and customs. Discover intricately handwoven rugs and fine yarn throw, braided baskets and slippers, and bags made with delicate block print textile inspired by the historic city of Jaipur.







Positioned as a community store that encourages interaction between local designers, customers and products, MUJI Plaza Singapura has an Open MUJI concept, an open space which will be used for educational activities such as exhibition, gallery, creative workshops and talk event. Through visits to this space, customers are encouraged to engage and pick up learning points relating to lifestyle, cultural, arts or designs aimed at inspiring their daily lives. Periodic collaborations between MUJI and local creators and designers will be organized in this space as well.

Rediscover Recreate
Found MUJI Exhibition @Open MUJI

The first exhibition held is themed ‘Found MUJI’ that speaks about innovation of MUJI that goes beyond a process of creation, and reviews life through ‘Searching and Finding’. Searching throughout the world for durable and long-lasting daily necessities from 1980 to 2016. Each exhibit embraces the underlying values of the makers and the essence of their creations.

21 July till 3 September 2017
10:00 ~ 22:00 daily




Embroidery Station

Customers can now add custom-embroidery on selected MUJI apparel or textile purchase.  Select from over 200 designs and letterings, and have them embroidered on a simple fabric item. Create a gift that reflects the personality of the receiver and they will treasure it with all their heart.

A special embroidery design available exclusively for MUJI Singapore – Merlion logo.

[Design] 1 design: $5 (Big) | $3 (Small)
[Alphabet] Up to 10 letters $5
*Additional letter at $0.50 each



MUJI Plaza Singapura will also house Singapore’s third Cafe&Meal MUJI which can seat approximately 70 people comfortably. Leveraging on the ideology of ‘Simple Food is Delicious’, Café&Meal MUJI aims to cook as simply as possible to bring out the natural taste of ingredients which have full blessings from the sun, soil and water, and to provide healthy meals that are suitable for all ages.


Pork Katsu Donburi

Indulge in Crispy Pork Katsu drizzled with Japanese Mayonnaise and Tonkatsu sauce, and paired with mixed leafy greens, onsen egg over 16 grain rice.

Plaza Singapura Exclusive!


Cheese Baked Butter Curry Rice

Enjoy the melted goodness of warm Mozzarella cheese au gratin on top of fragrant butter curry chicken and 16 grain rice. 

Plaza Singapura Exclusive!


Takeaway Set

Lets’ celebrate Japanese love for the taste of rice with our all new Onigiri Bento and 3 Deli Takeaway Meal. Bringing to you the best taste of nature without the use of preservatives. We hope you enjoy the full fragrance of wholesome, nutritious, Niigata Koshihikari Japanese White Rice.


External Events


“What is MUJI” Exhibition

21 July – 30 July 2017 |  10am – 10pm
Plaza Singapura Main Atrium Level 1

Through showcasing iconic MUJI products such as the Wall Mounted CD Player, Aroma Diffuser, Right Angle Socks and Beads Sofa among others, ‘What is MUJI’ exhibition conveys the message of core basic concepts driving the MUJI manufacturing process with focus on the selection of materials, streamlining of processes, and simplification of packages as we constantly return to our basic starting point to manufacture no-frills quality products.

MUJI’s goal is to give customers a rational satisfaction, expressed not with, “This is what I really want”, but with “This will do”. We have built this concept by delivering MUJI goods and services designed with both the consumer and manufacturer in mind to realize our vision of simple pleasant life for people around the world.



Naoto Fukasawa

To mark the opening of MUJI Singapore’s flagship store and the launch of the city’s first Found MUJI concept at Plaza Singapura, Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI welcomes renowned product designer Naoto Fukasawa for a talk event. Having originated the idea of Found MUJI, the designer will deliver a presentation on the topic of rediscovering and recreating, and explore the possibility of a Southeast Asian edition of Found MUJI. This will be followed by a panel discussion involving local and regional creatives, who will share their thoughts on the objects that have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.



  • Naoto Fukasawa (Product Designer / MUJI Advisory Board)
  • Naoko Yano (Chief, MUJI Design Office, Household)
  • Justin Long (Hjgher / Underscore)
  • Edwin Low (Supermama)
  • Suzy Annetta (Design Anthology)



Naoto Fukasawa has collaborated with the world’s leading companies and brands in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Scandinavian and Asian regions, while providing consultancy to key Japanese firms. Across the various fields and design categories that he works in, he focuses on evaluating corporate strategies through the lens of sociality and how we define quality of life in order to provide insight to the needs and demands of society. Naoto Fukasawa lived in San Francisco and worked at IDEO for seven and a half years from 1989 before joining MUJI’s advisory board in 2002.