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Try Fridge Organizing!


As this week I won’t be visiting the supermarket to get groceries, hence I’ll make use of this chance to clear the food in the fridge and do some organizing.

Sometimes if I were to visit the supermarket, I’ll purchase too much, and vegetables that were kept at the bottom drawer tends to dries out fast and resulted in food wastage (Mottainai (勿体無い)). If you lay the vegetables on their side, they can sometimes go un-noticed, so it is recommended to stand it upright!

I’ve googled “Fridge Organizing Basics” and here are some tips I’ve picked up which I would like to share with you!

Fridge Organising (2)

1) Temperature Differences

Store food by following the order of Temperature Differences. Fridges are typically coldest toward the back and bottom, and warmer on the top shelves, while warmest in the door.

  • Lower area: Food that need to be kept cold (e.g. Raw Meat, Fish..)
  • Upper area: Ready-to-eat food (e.g. Ham, Cheese, Desserts..)
Fridge Organising (1) Fridge Organising (4)


2) Frequency of Use

You can further categorize your fridge around the frequency of use. Put the things you use often (or want to finish) front and center, and store ingredients you’ll use only occasionally in corners that are harder to reach. You can even dedicate a shelve just for items to be “used soon”.

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3) A Refrigerator Works Better 3/4 Full

Try not to fill your fridge to the brim! Refrigerators that are too full will not have adequate airflow to keep everything cold, while, if your fridge is near empty, it won’t work efficiently either.

Try to keep some spaces on the top area empty, as they come in useful for keeping cooked food, which you can conveniently refrigerate in a pot.


4) Use Containers to divide spaces

Containers with holes or handles are ideal as they provide ease of retrieval.
Currently I am using the PP Makeup Box to keep my tea leaves. You can also use the PP File Box ½ type and Soft Polyethylene Case as shown below.

PP Makeup Box

PP File Box Wide 1/2

Soft Polyethylene Case

Fridge Organising (5)

5) Create a “Food List”

Try sticking memo at the fridge door to list down what food items you’ve in the fridge. It helps set as a reminder, and it’s easier to find daily recipe knowing what’s available in your fridge at a glance.

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