[StayHomeMUJI] D.I.Y. No-Sew Fabric Mask


Make your own Fabric Mask easily!


Here’s sharing with you on one quick method that I’ve learned online to create a fabric mask without sewing.
You will need a worn-out t-shirt (maybe one with a stretched shirt neck) and a pair of scissors. This can be easily completed within 15 minutes.

For the example below, I am using MUJI Indian Cotton T-Shirt that I’ve worn over 2 years. After cutting the sleeve, I can still wear it as a sleeve-less shirt at home.

Fabric Mask (2) Fabric-Mask_Re Fabric Mask (6)  Fabric Mask (5)
Fabric Mask (8) Fabric Mask (7) Fabric Mask (10)  Fabric Mask (9)

*We strongly advise everyone to follow health officials’ advice. Please note that this face mask is not meant to replace the surgical face mask.

Content Contributor:
MUJI Staff (Satsuki Watanabe)

You may like to visit this link to view the video tutorial by tristinstyling.