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How do you use your PP Storage?


Combine MUJI’s Polypropylene (PP) Storage Units such as Drawers, Storage Racks, and Storage Boxes for organizing your daily goods. Get inspired with below storage examples for different scenarios. 

PP Storage Units for ROOM ORGANIZING

When your room is small, you really need storage boxes to maximize space. One of MUJI’s best seller is the PP Storage Drawers which let me chuck my things in while the semi-translucent property help obscures the stored contents with its cloudiness to maintain a neat look. The best part? It is versatile enough for various combinations; if I do not have enough storage, I can always purchase another one and add on top of it. These storage boxes are easy to clean too, and if you attach wheels, it easily rolls out for a thorough cleaning. 
PP Storage Box Wide S (W55 x D44.5 x H18cm)
PP Storage Case Drawer Wide M 3Row (W55 x D44.5 x H67.5cm)

PP Makeup Storage Box for GAME CONTROLLERS

A makeup box can also be used in many ways. I can easily fit in 2 of my PlayStation 4 controllers and their cables. It looks neater rather than placing it around the table. I like how the PP makeup box is sturdy and does not topple over easily.
Product: PP Makeup Storage Box 1/2 Half


This PP case design comes with lid for a hygienic usage, and the size is just right for storing cotton buds and cotton pads.
Product: PP Case for Cotton Buds with Lid  

PP Storage Box for SMALL ITEMS

A 3-drawers storage box for storing various small items. I use it to store cables, essential oils, and loose coins and notes. It can be used resting on its sides or standing upright, simply by rotating the inner storage box direction.
Product: PP Storage Box 3 Drawers 

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