[StayHomeMUJI] Portable Aroma Diffuser


Enjoy your favourite scent anytime, anywhere.


Portable aroma diffuser works well in smaller spaces like my bedroom. Lavender scent keeps me calm and relaxed. Along with its anti-bacterial properties, my room smells good and I feel great too!

Portable aroma diffuser    

|    Essential oil lavender 30ml


Content Contributor:
MUJI Staff (Ho Yuen Yi)


Portable Aroma Diffuser is easy and convenient to carry around with its size that fits snugly in one’s palm. 

Relax and refresh your mind with the scent dispersed from essential oil with MUJI Portable Aroma Diffuser while at home reading the newspapers or at work dealing with urgent projects. Instead of spreading the scent throughout the room like the regular water-based MUJI aroma diffuser, no water is needed for this cordless device and it can be placed anywhere indoor for a personal enjoyment within limited space (effective area for scent is 0.5m). It can also be placed near computer or laptops as no mist is released from the diffuser that hinder the screens. Applying 3- 5 drops of essential oil on felt pad can last around 4 hours. The felt pad in the diffuser can be reused by applying more essential oil.

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