MUJI Community Market

Japanese Food & Crafts

Thursday, 6 October - Wednesday, 19 October 2022

In our in-store pop-up event, we are pleased to introduce to our local community a selection of Japan-imported specialties and crafts.

In connecting people and the communities, MUJI seeks to serve as a platform for creating better relationships among individuals; be it between people and nature, or people and society. By bringing Japan closer to the local community, we invite you to come discover and show your support to the Japanese local farmers who had been vastly affected by the pandemic.

Upcycle / Sustainable Products

Next New World Corporation

With Or Without「Soooo Silk Fluffy Soap」

NEXT NEW WORLD aims to create a sustainable society through materials from the nature, and to deliver products with low environmental impact to the world by reforming the traditional supply chain. The Company aims to become a global company that reduces carbon dioxide emissions from fashion and cosmetic industry and build a new economic system around the world.

Their range of With Or Without「Soooo Silk Fluffy Soap」are premium facial/body soaps made by using sericin from the spider-like silk thread around the cocoon which are usually discarded during silk manufacturing process.

Sericin: is composed of amino acids that are similar to human skin, which research has shown that it has excellent moisturizing and water retention properties, as well as UV protection. Soaps with natural ingredients generally do not foam easily. 「Soooo Silk Fluffy Soap」is formulated with a perfect combination and ratio of the 4 oils (Coconut oil / Palm oil / MCT oil / Olive oil) to provide moisturizing properties and to achieve a fluffy and fine foam.

Its unique cube shape makes it easy to hold while using. The product does not contain petroleum surfactants, alcohol, mineral oil or preservatives (parabens). They are also bio-friendly and can be a source of food for microorganisms even if it flows into rivers or the sea after use. The microbes also provide nutrients for the fish. The packaging are made from "FSC certified" environmentally friendly materials and so vibrantly colourful, making them perfect for festive gifting too! 5 different types (Floral, Savon, Journey, Bergamot, Lavender) for different skin concerns.

Le Ciel Fusee LLC

Room Fragrance / Paper Weight / Blended Teas

Le Ciel Fusee LLC is a start-up company by a high school student entrepreneur / aromatherapy advisor. The company plans, develops, manufactures, and sells aroma and original blended tea products using local specialty product like the sour pomelo that has been damaged by typhoon, discarded or non-conformant for sale. The essential oil is extracted from the peel of the sour pomelo and the pulp is processed into original blended teas, and other parts of the fruit are made into miscellaneous upcycled goods.

The Room Fragrance Sour Pomelo is made from essential oils extracted from Sour Pomelo, the specialty of Ichikikushikino City. Its refreshing scent provides a positive and uplifting mood for your room or even for customers in shops. It can also be used as a face mask spray. Also recommended for athletes for sports performance.

Each piece of the beautiful Baby Pon Pen Stand Paper Weight is carefully hand-crafted using Ponkan that is too small for even essential oil extraction, which would usually be discarded. It has a rubber base, to prevent table from scratches. It is so visually attractive that it is used as a fixture in each room of a hotel. Great for gifting.

Upgrade your afternoon tea-time with these 3 varieties of delicious specially blended teas (Secopical, Ginger Blend Tea, Fruit Flower Treat Blend Tea, Ume Peach Apple Tea) upcycled from non-conformant local produce.

Point Line Co., Ltd.

Amami Imore Tankan Incense

The Amami Imore Tankan Incense is upcycled from the skin of the Takan Citrus from Amami Oshima, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. It can be used for Buddhist ceremonies, meditation or for healing. The incense inspires joy, good fortune and prosperity. The design and nostalgic stylish package is very popular as a souvenir or gift too.

Featured Products

Nazawan LLC Forte Labo

Dried Seasonal Fruits / Fruit Sugar / Fruit Salt

Nasawan LLC Forte Labo produces a variety of fruit derived products mainly from seasonal fruits of Kagoshima Prefecture. The fruits are hand-processed and dried at a low temperature for at least 72 hours so as not to destroy the nutrients and taste. No additives, bleach and sugar are added to the dried fruits which are then made into dried fruit snacks, fruit sugars and fruit salt. These unique products are also perfect for the gifting season.

A variety of selected dried fruits are available - Blueberry, Tankan, Figs, Apple, Tomato, Peach, Persimmon, Pear, Kiwi, Strawberry, Pineapple. Eat them as a snack, or some can be added to your drinking water, cocktails, soda water. The Tankan, Blueberry, Strawberry Sugars can be added to teas, soda water, pancakes, toasts, yogurt for an added fruity sweetness. The Fruit Salts (Passion Fruit, Tomato, Tankan) can be sprinkled on sweets such as ice cream. Or use it in your cooking to upgrade your recipe with fruity aromas.

Brand New Corporation

Brand New Honey

Brand New Honey’s premium natural honey is collected in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is said to be Japan's honey resource. Honey is sweeter and lower in calories than sugar, so you can achieve the same sweetness with half the amount of sugar. In addition, there are more than 100 kinds of abundant nutrients such as amino acids and enzymes. Hand-packed in beautifully designed jars and packaging. Great for gifting.

Four varieties available - Plain, Nuts, Matcha, Kumquat.

Plain: The honey is derived from “Hyakkamitsu” – honey from hundred flowers, which taste profile changes depending on the season and year. Natural floral notes, recommended for toast, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, coffee, tea.

Nuts: A combination of walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts in honey. The nutty aroma is infused into the honey, that goes well with toast, sautéed apples, tomatoes, mochi.

Matcha: Made by combining matcha from Orita-en's (Kagoshima) matcha, derived from tea leaves certified as low pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and almost pesticide-free. The scent of matcha is gently wrapped around the sweetness of honey. Recommended for toast, daigaku imo (glazed sweet potato), ice cream, green tea.

Kumquat: The kumquat in the honey is from Minami House in Miyazaki. It has a refreshing aroma from the kumquat. Recommended for toast, madeleine, pound cake.

Esrendre Co., Ltd

Pickled Scallion Products / Ginger Chips

Esrendre cultivates “rakkyo” scallions and pumpkins, and develops agricultural products into various forms such as pickles, dried vegetables, vegetable powders and purees. There are no food additives used in any of their products, including pickles, dried vegetables, vegetable powder and side dishes. The Company’s processes is based on HACCP hygiene management concept. In consideration of consumer’s health, the salt and sugar content is modest in seasoned products, so that you can eat them every day.

Pair your rice, use in curry rice or garnish your recipes with their Sweet Pickled Rakkyo or Kurozu Pickled Rakkyo which has a crisp texture and mild flavour. Rakkyo is considered a health food for improving appetite, promoting digestion, regulating blood sugar levels and soothing nerves. The award-winning Ginger Chips are thin and crispy, lightly sweetened with beet sugar. No oil is used, and it is processed slowly over a long period of time. The umami of ginger spreads in your mouth and is easy to eat.

Click here for video introduction.

Sosaku Chikugei Tominaga

Handcrafted Chopsticks

Sosaku Chikugei Tominaga produces bamboo crafts in Kagoshima. The bamboo grows abundantly in Kagoshima’s blessed climate. The creative bamboo crafts are made by a father and son team, Yoshifumi Tominaga, and son, Tsuyoshi Tominaga. If you visit their shop, you will be welcomed with a smile by the lovely wife and mother of the duo.

The featured bamboo chopsticks has a specially fine tip. The flexibility of bamboo makes the chopsticks hard to break even if the chopsticks are thin, so you can grab food without slipping. It is said that eating your meals with these chopsticks can even make your food taste better! It is also recommended for eating noodles.

MK Café Okinawa

Blue Shisa

MK Café is a café in Okinawa well known for its Saba Burger. The staff of MK Café are also Instagram influencers who often collaborate with government prefectures, companies and celebrities on projects to revive Japan’s economy and promote Japan’s food and culture.

Shisa is a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artifact derived from Chinese guardian lions, resembling a cross between a lion and a dog, from Okinawan mythology. Shisa are believed to be guardian deities to protect and ward off evils. They come in a pair - A closed-mouth female supposed to keep in the good spirits; An open-mouthed male supposed to scare evil spirits away. The gorgeous blue shisa pairs are hand-crafted by award winning ceramic artiste, Mr Miyagi. With a dignified face and a gorgeous colour, the blue Shisa brightens up entrances or home. As each face is different, you can choose the pair that you are drawn to.

Ogura Corporation

Brown Rice & Glutinous Wheat Pancake Mix

This original vegan pancake mix is 20μ ultra-fine as well as a high water-retaining flour, so it does not clump easily. Easy to use, and has a faint sweet aroma of brown rice. The baking powder used in this product is aluminum-free. You can easily make healthy mochi-mochi pancake with it. Enjoy the pancakes with your favourite sauces or jam.


Amami Point Line Co., Ltd.

Uken Village Spice Curry Shrimp

A luxurious mild spicy and sweet authentic curry containing 4 whole Kuruma Shrimps cultivated in the warm and abundant nature of Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Kuruma Shrimps cultivated in Uken Village are lively and have a strong umami and sweetness, and are a gem that is very much appreciated not only for eating at home but also for gifts. Now you can enjoy it in this whole pack of luxurious curry. Just heat up and ready to eat immediately.

Oyster Harmony Co., Ltd.

Octopus Spice Curry

A full-fledged spice curry using octopus caught from Shinoshima, a remote island in Aichi prefecture. Octopus from Shinoshima feeds on high-quality fish and shellfish around the island, so it is a popular ingredient for tourists as it is tastier than octopus in other regions. The curry is an authentic spice curry that was developed for a popular restaurant in Nagoya. Each can contain a generous 100g of octopus! Just heat it up and enjoy this special authentic curry with rice without the hassle of making your own.

Whitebait Sri Lankan Curry

Sri Lankan curry made with shirasu (whitebait) from Shinoshima, a remote island in Aichi prefecture, and finished with an authentic recipe. Shinojima is home to the largest hauls of shirasu (whitebait) in Japan and has a good reputation for its good quality and taste. This curry recipe was developed by Meals & ROTTI by Pahana, a popular Sri Lankan restaurant in Nagoya. An authentic Sri Lankan curry containing shirasu, winter melon and spices. No flour or additives. Try this original curry that really pairs well with white rice.

Minami Kyushu Hajime Kai

Black Chiran Tea

Black Chiran Tea uses 100% of Chiran tea leaves produced in Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The tea leaves are grown without agricultural pesticides. Its special manufacturing method suppresses bitterness and astringency, resulting in a refreshing taste that is easy to drink. A fragrant tea with a beautiful reddish colour when brewed. Black Chiran tea contains more polyphenols than general oolong tea, which have been found to suppress fat absorption, and is recommended for those who are concerned about the fat intake in their diet. 1 tea bag can brew about five cups of black chiran tea, so you can enjoy about 50 cups of this product in this pack of 10 tea bags.

Totsukawa Farm Co., Ltd (Brand: Nejime Biwacha)

Japanese Healthy Tea Culture

Totsukawa Farm Co., Ltd was established in 1999 to market healthy tea and products. Drinking tea is an integral part of the diet and daily life of Japanese people. Nejime Biwacha is a healthy tea for everyone from young children to the elderly who can drink as much as they like at any time. 

Bachan Honpo Co., Ltd (Brand: Bachan Honpo)

Convenient packed ingredients and meals

Bachan Honpo specializes in convenient packed ingredients and meals that are easy to prepare and serve immediately.
Try these 3 convenient types with your rice today!
- 7 Colour Vegetable Stew – Vegan-friendly. Easy heat and serve.
- Healthy Vegetable Curry – Vegan-friendly. Easy heat and serve.
- Bonito Rice Stock – Just mix contents in cooked rice.

Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd. (Brand: Arima)

Bean Snack & Mixed Nuts

Celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year, Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd. focuses on freshness and quality ingredients to ensure that its products are healthy for you. All products featured are Halal certified.

Ikedako Shokuhin Co., Ltd (Brand: Ikedako Shokuhin)

Using geothermal heat and steam from the ground

Ibusuki Onsen Black Garlic has all the goodness of black garlic with a unique onsen aroma apart from the rest. Ibusuki is a famous natural hot spring and ‘suna mushi’ (sand bathing) area in Japan’s subtropical south in Kagoshima. As the Kirishima volcanic belt runs through Ibusuki, its ground is full of geothermal activity. Ibusuki Onsen black garlic is made from garlic harvested from the rich soil of Ibusuki, quality checked and aged naturally at high temperatures, using geothermal heat and steam from the ground. Eat it as it is or use it in pasta, sauces, dressings or wherever you need the sweet umami flavour of black garlic. 30 times more polyphenol (2420mg/100g) than normal garlic and rich in amino acids. 100% garlic with no additives.

Okisu Co., Ltd (Brand: Okisu)

Wholesome dried vegetables that can be stored in the cupboard

Okisu dried vegetable range is made from wholesome vegetables harvested in Kyushu and Kagoshima, and processed in ISO 22000 certified factory. These convenient, eco-friendly dried vegetables can be reconstituted with warm water and used in various recipes just like fresh vegetables, or simply add into soup dishes for added vegetable nutrients. These vegetables have a longer shelf life, reducing food wastage due to spoilage. No artificial additives or chemical preservatives are added.


Kamezaki Senkou Co., Ltd

Traditional Japanese Cloth Dyeing

Kamezaki Senkou is in its 4th generation, maintaining traditional cloth dyeing methods since its establishment. All its products are produced manually like the tairyo-bata, large flags that were traditionally flown by fishermen for good fortune. Today, these banners are featured during festivals and special local celebrations. Many of the designs are often drawn with flashy colours and bold compositions to catch people’s attention. To cater to modern lifestyles, they have branched out to produce azuma bags, carry bags, mask cases, etc. in traditional Japanese designs.