A variety of combinations for everywhere

MUJI provides a range of storage units from drawers, baskets to carry boxes. Different sizes create numerous variations in combinations tailored to fit different usage purpose and living space.

  • PP Drawer Deep-Half

  • PP Drawer Shallow-3 Rows

  • PP Drawer Thin-2 Rows

  • PP Drawer Deep-2 Unit

  • PP Drawer Deep

  • PP Clothes Drawer

  • PP Wide Drawer Large

  • PP Case Drawer A4 Deep

  • PP Carry Box

  • PP Folding Box

  • PP Carry Box With Lock

  • PP Sturdy Storage Box

  • PP 3Rows Wagon with Caster

  • 3 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 4 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 5 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • 7 Drawers Unit with Castor

  • PP Wide Drawer Chest 4 Drawers

Meet the basic needs of daily life

MUJI Home Appliances naturally blend into your life with simple design and functions that are truly necessary in nature, bringing convenience to everyday life.

  • Electric Kettle

  • Pop-Up Toaster

  • Rice Cooker

  • Juicer Mixer with Mill

  • Solar Cooking Scale

  • Kitchen Timer

Customized storage solution for your room

Create more space for your room by using storage furniture such as Wood Stacking Shelves and Unit Shelves. Start a new life with an organized environment and a refreshing mood.

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 2 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 3 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 5 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 2 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 3 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 5 Layers

  • Walnut Wood Stacking Chest 4 Drawers

  • Walnut Wood Stacking Chest 4 Drawers

  • Oak Wood Stacking Chest 2 Drawers

  • Pulp Board Drawer

  • Pulp Board 2-Drawers

  • Pulp Board 4-Drawers

  • Steel Unit Shelf Steel Shelf Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Walnut Wood Set

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Walnut Wood

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Oak Wood Set

  • SUS Steel Side Panel

Start a new life with a comfortable sleep

Enjoy a comfortable sleep with a bed frame distinctive for its simplicity of form that blends into your bedroom and a firm mattress that provides support to your body.

  • Oak Wood Bed Frame

  • Walnut Wood Storage Bed

  • Oak Solid Wood Bed

  • Pocket Spring Mattress - Single

  • Bonnel Spring Mattress - Double

  • Flame Retardent Non-Coil Mattress - Queen

  • Bed Frame Canvas Basket

  • Oak Wood Underbed Drawer

  • Oak Wood Storage Bed Additional Unit

Freshen up your bedroom for spring

Enjoy spring life by using MUJI bed linens which are made of organic cotton by different production methods. Look out for fresh, clean and warm palette for a restful and calming mood that improves your sleep.

  • Organic Cotton Double Gauze Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton HD Satin Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Jersey Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Seersucker Bed Linen

  • Organic Cotton Waffle Bed Linen

  • Organic Washed Cotton Bed Linen

5 or 10 years later

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, the kitchen tools are distinctive for their simplicity of form and function, and use of resilient materials.

  • Stainless Aluminium 3-Layer Saucepan

  • Stainless Aluminium 3-Layer Saucepan

  • Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Stainless Steel Bowl

  • Stainless Steel Vat

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Tray

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket with Handle

  • Heatproof Glass Measure Cup

  • Storage Jar

  • Stainless Steel Tongs for Cooking

  • Stainless Steel Peeler

Choose the right hanger based on your wardrobe and purpose

Choose the texture and thickness of hangers by considering the silhouette and wearing frequency of your clothes to protect your clothes from deformation and keep them in their best condition.

  • PP Hanger

  • Aluminium Tie Hanger

  • Aluminium Hanger

  • PP Thin Shoulder Hanger

  • Aluminium Skirt Hanger

  • Red Cedar Block with Sand Paper

  • Red Cedar Hanger Thin

  • Beech Wood Thin Hanger

  • Stainless Hanger Square

  • Aluminium Square Hanger

Combine a personalised filing system with multi-functions

File and organise documents, newspapers and magazines with the lightweight and durable box files. The stackable design can be used with MUJI storage furniture, providing simple design and colour tone that blend with home environment harmony.

  • PP File Box

  • PP File Box Wide

  • PP Stand File Box

  • Cardboard Stand File Box

  • Cardboard File Box

Make your cosmetic items be organized and easy to identify

PP makeup boxes provide different depth and width for selection. It can be using alone or stacking for combination that caters to different needs. The translucent PP material let you identify the content easily while it is easy to clean.

  • PP Makeup Box Full Size

  • PP Makeup Tray Mirror

  • PP Makeup Box with Lid

  • PP Makeup Box with Lid Half

  • PP Makeup Box with Partition Half 1/2 Size

  • PP Makeup Box Vertical Half 1/4 Size