MUJI Olympian City store has opened on 1 August. To provide an all-rounded Compact Life concept, the new store is added with new elements including MUJI BOOKS and MUJI GREEN. By integrating books and plants into lifestyle, it creates a brand new shopping experience.

Olympian City store provides a spacious and comfortable shopping environment with a fan-shaped floor space and 6-meter height ceiling. It is designed with simple flowing curved lines and open ceiling with ancient wood, iron plate and granite, representing the 3 elements of gold, wood and earth which highlight the characteristics of MUJI’s product design.

The new store offers a wide variety of products including organic cotton clothing for men, women and kids, which is simple in design and easy for everyday coordination; MUJI to GO travel goods help to organize the luggage efficiently for a pleasant trip; versatile stationery fits different purposes; household products range from furniture, storage tools to plants build a comfortable home living environment; and there are also traditional Japanese green tea snacks and seasonings. Combined with MUJI BOOKS at every corner of the store, it creates a unique space that customers can easily understand the philosophy of MUJI’s product development and its value to achieve a simple and pleasant life.


  • Living Insights from Books

    Book, as a traditional media to transmit knowledge and information, is full of discoveries and inspirations. Based on the concept of “always live with golden quotes”, MUJI BOOKS offers more than 8,000 books from past to present in 6 categories of "Garment, Gourmet, Living, Travel, Education and Entertainment”. The books are dispersed and linked with different products in the store, lead to a hint for a comfortable lifestyle.

  • Green Living Environment

    Green plant creates a harmonious and natural atmosphere in urban life. By observing the natural variation of plants, you can feel the rhythm of nature with joy and comfort. MUJI GREEN offers foliage plant which is suitable for Hong Kong's climate. With Pafcal and Seramis instead of soil, it is simple and neat to care for the plant with sufficient water and indoor lighting. It is suitable and easy to handle even for first-time gardeners.

  • Enjoy Deli of the Original Natural Flavour

    Dishes are prepared in a simple way to retain the original flavour of the seasonal ingredients. You can pick your own combination with different natural ingredients for a healthy meal. In this summer, Café&Meal MUJI Olympian City offers hot and cold deli, dessert, drinks and healthy bread in refreshing in-season flavour to stimulate your palete.

GF Olympian City 2 West Kowloon
Business hours:
Mon-Fri 11:00 - 22:00 / Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 10:00 - 22:00