MUJI Telford Plaza Now Open
A Go-to Store for Everyday Essentials with Focus on Food

MUJI Telford Plaza is opened on 22nd June 2020. Food, among the three most basic human needs of clothing, food, and housing, is the most fundamental part of life. Alongside the ongoing changes in the living environment and lifestyle, customers have become more conscious about maintaining a healthy diet. To better meet the basic needs of customers, the new store dedicates more goods and services related to food such as “Food Market” and “Tea & Rice Ordering Service”, bringing customers a wider range of fresh and healthy home dining options. Café&Meal MUJI is also established in the new store with the offering of hand drip coffee, fresh bakery, light meals, and all-day menu, bringing out-of-home diners a wide range of healthy choices for dine-in and takeaway.

Furthermore, to share the MUJI ideology of a simple and pleasant life, the new store will feature the most comprehensive merchandise assortment ranging from apparel, household goods to food, taking care of every aspect of daily life. Meanwhile, MUJI GREEN, MUJI BOOKS, Found MUJI, and the new Embroidery Service will also be available to bring more inspirations to everyday life under a comfortable store environment.

Newly introduced “Food Market”, “Rice & Tea Ordering Service” and “Frozen Food”
Bringing more choices for a healthy diet

    Near the main entrance you can find the newly introduced “Food Market”. We search for the necessary ingredients in everyday diet from local, Japan, and worldwide from the viewpoints of MUJI. By examining the climate and natural environment of origin and understanding the cultivation and manufacturing methods, we introduce farm-to-table vegetables, fresh fruits, seasonings, convenient food, snacks, and drinks, bringing a wide range of safe, delicious and healthy options to your dining table for easy preparation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

      Tea & Rice Ordering Service is newly available to offer pre-packaged tea, loose tea, and Japanese rice. This convenient service allows customers to choose their favourite taste and preferred serving size and enjoy the original flavour of tea and rice in the freshest state.

        The new Frozen Food Series is a solution to busy metropolitans who cannot spend much time on meal preparation. With reference to homemade recipes and cooking methods around the world, MUJI carefully selects ingredients and brings you over 50 types of frozen food under 6 themes including “World Rice”, “World Stew”, “Japanese Side Dish”, “Japanese Fish Dish”, “Japanese Dim Sum”, and “Home Bakery”, without any added artificial flavourings. Through simple steps such as defrosting and heating, it takes only 5 to 20 minutes to prepare various delicious dishes, bringing convenience to everyday life.

        Café&Meal MUJI
        Your healthy choice for dining out

          Café&Meal MUJI considers the selection of seasonal ingredients of origin, combined with simple seasonings and cooking methods to bring out the original taste in nature. From main dishes, light meals to desserts, customers can enjoy delicacies and ingest balanced nutrition for a healthy diet.

          Be inspired by interior arrangement at Home Living Thematic Display Area

            Kowloon Bay is home to many households, as it is one of the major clusters of the Kowloon East area. The new store features a home living thematic display area, bringing inspiration to interior arrangement of modern homes. Our Interior Advisor brings you personalised suggestions on storage, furnishing, colour coordination of fabrics, and interior space planning by understanding your living habits and lifestyle through direct communication, meeting your needs for a comfortable home living.

            With the theme of "Modern Family Life for Three" where parents and one child live together, our Interior Advisor uses the simple-design and functional MUJI Storage Furniture and Units flexibly together to set up a living room, dining room, master bedroom and kid room under a compact apartment of 450 square feet. The layout ensures sufficient storage spaces at the same time, demonstrating the comfort brought by a simple and pleasant life.

            A wide range of services for experiencing the simple and pleasant life proposed by MUJI

            To share MUJI’s ideology of “a simple and pleasant life”, the new store offers a number of customer services, bringing you inspirations about daily life under a comfortable store environment.

              【Storage Advisory Service】Daily life is surrounded by different objects occupying our living space. However, we can enjoy more usable space for relaxation, hobbies, or gatherings with family and friends through effective storage. Storage Advisory Service is now available, offering recommendations on creating personalised storage system for your home that fits your personalities and tastes.

              【Sleeping Experience Zone】To ensure quality sleeping time, besides changing your daily habits, using suitable bedding goods can also improve sleep quality. A sleeping experience zone is available at the home living thematic display rea. Our Interior Advisor will recommend suitable bedding goods to you based on your sleep preferences and habits. You can experience the softness and support of different pillows and mattresses, and find your comfortable bedding goods.

              【Accessories & Parts Replacement】There are more than 60 accessories or parts such as unit shelf screws, aluminum rack clips, teapot covers or wooden shelf boards. Replace the worn accessories or parts, and continue to use the product without having to repurchase the entire product for reducing waste.

              【Embroidery Service】Patterns can be embroidered on designated MUJI fabric products such as tops, handkerchiefs, bags, sneakers, towels, and fabrics for customising the products to become your own items or gifts for family and friends. More than 300 embroidery designs are available for selection, including the Hong Kong limited edition designed by Suzuki Kumiko, a Japanese embroidery artist from Tokyo.

              【CITY to GO Kowloon East】A platform for people living and working nearby to interact and exchange ideas. Based on the four themes – “Dining”, “Good Things”, “Leaning” and “Relaxation”, we invite you to share information about spots worth visiting in the area for finding new and old things that will bring interesting discoveries to daily life. Edited contents will be displayed in MUJI Telford Plaza, our official website, social media platforms, and MUJI passport mobile app.

              Store Information

              A store focused on food with the establishment of Café&Meal MUJI, featuring the most comprehensive merchandise assortment for fulfilling the day-to-day needs of individuals and families.

              MUJI Telford Plaza
              Shop 401-402, Level 4, Telford Plaza II, Kowloon Bay
              3973 8380
              Business Hours:
              Monday to Friday 11:00 - 22:00
              Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 10:00 - 22:00