• Maccheroni with Cheese Sauce

Maccheroni with Cheese Sauce

① Put 300ml of water into a pot with a diameter of 16 to 18cm. Bring to boil.
② When it comes to a boil, put in the pack contents, mix lightly with a spatula and simmer on medium heat. (DO NOT Cover).
③ Boil for 7 to 8 minutes with occasional stirring and when the sauce become thick, it's done.
*(The adjustment time depends on the equipment used).

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  3. Pastas, pasta sauces
INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSMacaroni, cheese powder (cheese, whey, salt), powdered fats and oils, whey powder, protein hydrolyzate, starch, yeast extract, salt, dried parsley / flavor, emulsifier, (including some wheat and milk components)