• Organic Coffee  Decaf Drip

Organic Coffee Decaf Drip

How to brew coffee deliciously:
1.Lightly shake the package so that the powder will settle at the bottom, then tear off the top along the dotted line.
2.Hold the ends of the hooks and pull towards the outside.
3.Use a mug 9cm in diameter or smaller, place the hooks over the edge of the mug.
4.Next,bend the hooks and let them stand as illustrated, so that it sits stably.
5.Initially,pour a small volume of hot water and let it brew for about 30 seconds, then slowly pour hot water while maintaining the liquid level.

Use a mug that is 9cm in diameter or smaller. Place Drip Pack on your mug in a stable manner.
Part of the hooks or filter may turn yellowish, which is oil from coffee.
Please be careful not to burn yourself when handling hot water.
Keep this product away from heat sources or fire.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSorganic coffee bean,unroasted beans from: Colombia, Honduras