• Bamboo Shoots Rice Kit

Bamboo Shoots Rice Kit

How to cook (for 2 cups of rice)
Required time: approx. 60 min.

*Bamboo Shoots soup stock 37g
*Bamboo Shoots ingredients 125g
To prepare: 2 cups of rice.

1. Wash 2 cups of rice (180ml x2), and add in soup stock into it.
2. Adjust water as same quantity as white rice to cook and thoroughly.
3. Put ingredients into (2) and leave it flat without stirring and cook.
*Put liquid into the ingredients together.
4. Let it sit for 10 minutes after cooking.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSMain ingredients: boiled bamboo shoot(manufactured in China)、soy sauce、boiled japanese parsley、deep-fried bean curd (fried tofu)、dried bonito extract、ginger、sugar、table salt、yeast extract、dried bonito powder、kelp extract/thickener(processed starch)、acidity、(part of the raw materials contain wheat and soybean)

Soup ingredients: soy sauce、sugar、table salt、kelp extract、yeast extract/ethanol、(part of the raw materials contain wheat and soybean.