• Fresh Pasta - Fettuccine

Fresh Pasta - Fettuccine

How to boil fettuccine properly.
1.Boil plenty of water in a big pot and add a bit of salt (1.5 of hot water and 1 table spoon of salt per 100g of fettuccine (1 pouch)
2.Put fettuccine into it and boil by stirring sometimes. Remove a quality preservation agent in an inner bag before boiling.
*Normal boiling time is about 5 minutes. Adjust the boiling time for preferred hardness.
3.Drain hot water with a strainer quickly after it is cooked. Enjoy fettuccine with your favorite sauce. Add olive oil when draining to avoid tangling the pasta.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSdurum wheat semolina((manufactured in Japan))、table salt、(part of the raw materials contain wheat and buckwheat)