• Mini Ramen Tom Yam Kung

Mini Ramen Tom Yam Kung

Put the noodles in a bowl or a cup, pour 200ml of boiling water and allow it to warm for 3 minutes.
When boiling in a pot, add 230ml of boiling water. Add sardine and simmer for about 2 minutes.
Or enjoy it as it is.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSFRIED NOODLE ((wheat) flour((manufactured in Japan))、edible fat and oil(palm oil、lard)、table salt、processed yeast extract、onion extract、krill extract、spices、sugar、edible processed fat and oil、garlic extract、shrimp extract、Hydrolyzed protein、brewing seasoning、soy sauce)/processed starch、seasoning(amino acid and such)、flavor、acidity、D-sorbitol、spices extract、salt water、polysaccharide thickener、emulsifier、antioxidant(vitamin E)、(part of the raw materials contain shrimp, wheat and soybean)