• Assorted Sandwich Biscuits

Assorted Sandwich Biscuits

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSVanilla- dextrose、dextrin、edible processed fat and oil、starch syrup、table salt、vanilla seed paste、vanilla paste/baking powder/leavening agent、flavor、emulsifier、thickener(xanthan gum)
lemon cream - dextrose、edible processed fat and oil、lactose、milk based food、lemon juice powder、table salt、isomerized sugar、starch syrup/baking powder/leavening agent、flavor、antioxidant(vitamin C)、emulsifier、carotene pigment、thickener(xanthan gum)
Strawberry- dextrose、edible processed fat and oil、lactose、milk based food、isomerized sugar、malt extract、table salt、strawberry powder、starch syrup、yeast/baking powder/leavening agent、antioxidant(vitamin C、Potassium bisulfite)、emulsifier、flavor、beet red pigment.
Chocolate - Ccocoa powder、lactose、isomerized sugar、starch syrup、table salt、almond paste/baking powder/leavening agent、emulsifier、flavor.

*All flavor contain (Wheat) Flour, shortening & Sugar.
*All (part of the raw materials contain wheat, milk constituent, almond and soybean).