Begin your healthy living with

Eating Well

Instead of dining out, cooking at home may serve as a healthier choice. Prepare your meals with your favourite ingredients and ready-to-use pasta sauce or instant curry to save cooking time and bring variety to your daily meals.

Make use of kitchenware in simple design to serve your dishes and uplift your dining mood. Microwave-safe food storage containers that can be used as lunchboxes directly encourage bring-your-own-meal habit for a healthier office life.

Rice Kit

Borrow recipes from Japan and Korea and add various flavours to rice. Dehydrated ingredients are included in the kits without artificial flavouring to bring out the original colour, texture and flavour.

Pasta Sauce

Take reference from family recipes of different countries and prepare spaghetti like a local. Simply add the sauce into boiled spaghetti and stir well, serve with your favourite fresh ingredients to enjoy a wide variety of authentic tastes.


Referencing to local cooking methods and using spices, these curry packs preserve the authentic and traditional taste without adding artificial flavouring or colouring. Simply reheat the pack and add your favourite ingredients to enjoy different curry dishes.

White Porcelain Tableware

The simple design with a light blue shine matches well with different cuisines and blends naturally into any dining table. Available in over 30 choices including bowls, plates, tea pots, cups and spoons in different sizes, they are machine-washable and microwave-safe for convenient daily use.

Acacia Tableware

Tableware with unique wooden patterns blends a sense of nature into dining scenes. Available in different shapes and sizes including bowls and plates for various dining needs.

Rectangular PP Food Storage Container
Sealing Up Preservation Container

Made of lightweight material that is heat and cold resistant, they are microwave-safe with a valve design, which allows you to enjoy your meal anytime at home or office. Designed in standard modular sizes for easy storage in the refrigerator when stacked up.