Begin your healthy living with

Resting Well

Reserve short breaks between tasks in your learning or working schedule to let your brain and body rest for higher efficiency in the long run. Interior fragrance of your favour also helps to soothe your mind and relief stress.

Take a day off every work week to relax at home – read magazines on a beads sofa or enjoy a cup of organic tea to spend a cosy afternoon. Change bed linens and pajamas made of different materials according to seasonal changes for a comfortable and healthy sleep environment.

Polyester Portable Eye Mask
Multi Purpose Neck Cushion

Attached with a storage bag, the eye mask is convenient to carry around and suitable to use during office breaks. The neck cushion made of elastic soft fabric and filled with super tiny beads supports your head, neck or waist as a cushion or pillow. Available in hooded style that also serves as an eye mask.

Organic Tea Bags

Made from over 20 different kinds of organic ingredients, various blends like ginger lemongrass or apple celyon are available, while low-caffeine choices are ideal for a relaxing and calmful enjoyment before bed. The zipper seal packaging design allows convenient storage. Bring some to your office and enjoy a tea break anytime.

Incense Tray

Burn incense that spreads aroma of Japanese cypress, sandalwood or herbs for a 10-minute relaxation to release your body from daily stress before bed. Use as a compact set with incense trays on bedside tables. Use with incense trays for placing on bedside table or desk.

Beads Sofa
Cover for Beads Sofa

Beads sofa filled with fine beads provides comfortable support to different parts of the body. The bottom and sides are made of materials of different stretchiness, which allows changing poses for reading or resting simply by turning it around. Replaceable cover for easy cleaning.

Organic Cotton Seersucker Bed Linens
Linen Cotton Seersucker Bed Linens

With good breathability, organic cotton and linen are ideal materials for spring when humidity increases. These bed linens feature a crinkled texture that limits friction on skin, keeping you cool for a good night’s sleep.

Organic Cotton Seersucker Short Sleeves Pajamas

MUJI’s side-seamless pajamas are designed with care labels printed on the inner side of fabric for extra comfort when lying down. Wear pajamas in the same texture of bed linens for a good night’s sleep.