Begin your healthy living with

Exercising Well

Regular exercises can keep your body and mind recharged everyday. Jogging, running and yoga are good choices for beginners without many requirements on venue and equipment. Start with 10-minute walking a day and proceed to 30-minute running sessions 3 times a week to make exercise a routine in daily life following your own pace.

Apparel, shoes, and personal care items are also essential to exercises and post-exercise care. Choose items that are suitable to your habits to fully enjoy exercises.

Men’s / Ladies’ MUJI WALKER Apparel

Made of polyester, the stretchy and functional, MUJI WALKER series is suitable for both light exercises and as daily wear. For outdoor activities, items made of UPF50 fabric that blocks UV and a Pocket able Windbreaker are also good choices to consider.

Polyester Backpack

Made of lightweight polyester with a special design on shoulder pads that relieves shoulder pressure brought by heavy belongings and long hours of use. Multi-partition design makes it suitable for bringing clothes and towels for exercise. Also available in a 2-way style that can be used as a shoulder bag.

Men’s / Ladies’ Shock Absorbing Sneakers

The special design with a soft knitted shoe tongue, thickened heel and cushioned insole relieves pressure towards the heel and thus brings comfort to walking, jogging or hiking. Available in a high-cut style for better ankle protection.

Wrap and Tie Long Extra Thin Towel Set

Made of 100% cotton for a soft touch. With single side plain-weaved, these towels dry quickly. The long and thin shape makes it easy to store when rolled, while being able to be hanged on your neck or head to wipe sweat off during exercise. Packed in 2 to support daily washing.

Paraglider Cloth Drawstring Bag

Made of thin and lightweight paraglider cloth for easy folding and storage. When going out for exercise, make use of drawstring bags in different sizes to keep clothes, towels and sneakers separately, or use it as a storage bag for dirty clothes.

Sensitive Skin Face Care

Outdoor activities increase exposure to sunlight, using sensitive skin face care items with mild ingredients can moisturise and protect your skin against unfavourable conditions. Available in cleansing oil, cleansing milk, toning water and moisturising cream for a complete skincare routine.