Begin your Healthy Living with

Organising Well

Arrange interior space effectively and organise your home environment based on your habits and lifestyle for a comfortable life.

Examine the storage needs of different places at home, select storage units of appropriate size and material, and store your daily goods and scattered items in an organised way for releasing more living space, making daily cleaning easier for maintaining hygiene.

Soft PE Storage

Made of lightweight and soft PE material with handle on both sides for convenience of use and moving around. The water repellent surface also prevents oil-based stains, making it suitable for using in kitchen, bathroom or even refrigerator. The standard modular size allows it to be used with MUJI’s Stacking Shelves or Stainless Steel Unit Shelves for a high storage flexibility.

Cotton Linen Storage

Comes with a coating to enhance durability. Available in more than 10 sizes, they can be flexibly used as storage units with Stacking Shelves or Stainless Steel Unit Shelves. You can choose the storage box with lid to store innerwear items to keep cleanliness and privacy. The light colour also allows It to blend into different corners at home.

PP File Box

Made of PP material, it is light and durable. Use multiple boxes in the same colour to keep your room organised visually. Stackable when attached with lids and wheels, you can move documents, magazines or reference books around at ease while keeping dirts off. Use with accessories or pen stand that can be attached on the sides of boxes to enhance storage flexibility.

Acrylic Storage
Velour Tray

The highly transparent acrylic makes it easy to recognise items stored inside for convenient of use. Standard modular sizes allow you to customise your own storage system for desktop stationery, jewellery or other accessories in workspace or bedroom; you can also use with velour trays to display accessories like earrings.

MDF Storage

Made of sturdy and durable wooden material, its warm wooden tone blends in your home living space harmoniously. Available in different types for various purposes including document tray in A4 size, file box in A5 size, drawers for accessories and pen stand, adding this natural style to working desk will enhance your working mood.

PP Makeup Box
Nylon Makeup Pouch

The semi-transparent PP material is helpful in recognising stored items. Use it as partitions of pouches to keep makeup tools clean and tidy for convenience of use. Available in different depth and width for using alone or stacking with multiple units, you can keep your makeup tools in an organised way.