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Make someone’s day with a MUJI Christmas Gift! We’ve rounded up specially curated gift sets, practical household and garment items, crockery, sweet treats, cleaning tools and many more! It is easy to find a MUJI Gift that suits different individuals, take your inspiration from the gift recommendations by MUJI staff; roll over the items marked with a heart icon to reveal the thoughts behind the chosen gift!

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Preparing a simple handmade meal expresses the sincerest blessing. This Christmas, celebrate the joy of cherished moments with delightful spread of treats and goodies with your family and loved ones.

Goodie Box Wafers Set

NOW $13.90 U.P. $16.00

*Available from 1st week of Dec'20
Check out other Goodie Box Sets in-store

Goodie Box Marshmallow Set

NOW $13.90U.P. $15.30

*Available from 1st week of Dec'20
Check out other Goodie Box Sets in-store

Dear Sister, Giving you this gift to fuel you up and sweeten every moment of your day!

Mug with Fork & Spoon Set

NOW $29.90 U.P. $34.70

PP Fork & Spoon Set is also available in Black.

Dear Colleague, Hope you will like this minimalist looking mug, and you can personalize it with some drawings if you find it plain. Remember to drink up!

Lunchbox & Chopstick Set (White)

NOW $31.90 U.P. $39.00

Set is also available in Black.

Dear Friend, Convenient for your packed lunches at work, hope you will enjoy your every meal!

Instant Drink Set (Yuzu & Honey)

NOW $13.90U.P. $14.80

Gift Set comes with an Organza Bag, while stocks last.

Sweets & Candies (Pochi Gashi Series)

10% OFF (19 Nov - 16 Dec 2020)
U.P. $1.90 - $6.60

Dear Son, Share and enjoy these snacks with your cycling friends. Love you son, happy cycling!

Banko Ware Small Bowl

10% OFF (19 Nov - 2 Dec 2020)
U.P. $33.00

Check out other Banko Wares in-store.

Hasami Ware Rice Bowl

10% OFF (19 Nov - 2 Dec 2020)
U.P. $10.90

Check out other Hasami Wares in-store.

Stainless Steel Tumbler 300ml


Dear Dad, Your coffee always turns cold quickly during night work. Hope this tumbler will keep your drink warm so you can enjoy hot coffee throughout the night.

Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag


Dear Mother, Love eating your packed lunch! The versatile bag is perfect for packing meals with love, and also as a tote bag for daily use.

Homemade Delights

Our Café&Meal MUJI team has wholeheartedly put together recipes that you could easily whip up at home! You will only need a few ingredients to complement with MUJI food items to create these simple and delicious dishes.

Yuzu Honey Jelly with Lime Granita

A delicious and refreshing dessert for the hot weather!

View Recipe

Marshmallow Lollipops

These easy and cute marshmallow pops make great holiday gifts or party favors!

View Recipe

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This Christmas, enjoy a merry meal with a hearty festive 4 Deli Set put together using healthy and natural ingredients.

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