Learning Authentic Curry Cooking Methods Through Visiting Thailand

Green Curry / Yellow Curry / Red Curry

MUJI Curry

  1. Traditional Cooking Methods
    With reference to daily living and food culture of various curry origins, curry of authentic taste is made.
  2. Presenting the Original Flavour
    Unique and authentic combinations bring out the originality of spices and ingredients.
  3. Additive-free
    No artificial flavouring or colouring.

New Products

  • 素材を生かしたカレー グリーン
    Green Curry
    The curry features a rich taste combining spicy green chili, mellow coconut milk and 6 kinds of herbs including lemongrass. With reference to local recipes, the curry is enriched with chicken, bamboo shoots and mushrooms.
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  • 素材を生かしたカレー イエロー
    Yellow Curry
    The unique flavour of spices such as turmeric and cumin is blended with the fresh taste of pork and vegetables to become a flavourful curry. With reference to local recipes, the curry is added with coconut milk for a smooth mouthfeel.
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  • 素材を生かしたカレー レッド
    Red Curry
    Made with red chili and various herbs including lemongrass, Red Curry is said to be the spiciest among Thai curry. With reference to local recipes, the curry contains beef, lotus root and coconut milk to give a rich flavour.
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MUJI Curry Recipes

Adding simple steps and ingredients to MUJI Curry, you may prepare different kinds of curry dishes with ease.

Product Developer's Sharing

Our curry developers from MUJI Japan will share their stories of trips to different curry origins and process of product development.